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Our Story

Speak Geeky To Me is a new Geek news and entertainment portal, found at The idea came around early summer 2011 when Michael ‘BlankLogo’ Rodriguez and Mathias Lewis felt an absence of adult content in Geek entertainment. Speak Geeky To Me was therefore created to provide Geeks with news, reviews, interviews, photos, video, and sexy alt-porn (sensual and seductive nude pin-up style photography of beautiful Geeky girls with the same interests as you!). On the website you can read about your favorite Geekdoms, whether you’re a fan of comics, anime, video games, movies, manga, board/card games, or television. The site will even have celebrity interviews and guest articles by major names in the Geek entertainment field. Over time we also aim to provide humor to you all with funny videos and art. But if you’re more after our adult end, we will provide weekly photoshoots of sexy Geek girls who truly know how to handle a lightsaber, where all the hidden skulltulas were in Zelda, and when to drop a Lightning Bolt in Magic to do the most damage! Speak Geeky To Me will also provide intensive coverage of major Geek conventions & events, with guides to getting there, and VIP parties for those who are there with us.

Sexy Geek Pin-ups

The Impact

Speak Geeky To Me is here to form a whole new community for Geeks both online and across the universe. By joining and following us you will connect with other Geeky brethren, stay informed on the hottest Geeky news, and get to see some of the most beautiful women your fandom has to offer.

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What We Need & What You Get

While Speak Geeky To Me already has some awesome investors and fans, we are currently still short of the funds we need to make the site everything it can be. What can we say? Sometimes running a website and paying for the best models, photographers, and writers gets expensive. So we need your help to give us the big start we all deserve in making Speak Geeky To Me the best Geek entertainment site out there, with top models and writers providing the content you want!

To help us reach this goal you can donate by making a contribution to your right. We are offering several limited edition items like signed & personalized photos of our models, Speak Geeky To Me T-shirts, and discounted memberships to the site. So please donate and help us bring Speak Geeky To Me to you as the best possible site it can be!

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Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t afford to donate any money to us, perhaps you can still help by donating your time. We are looking for as much coverage as we can, for both the website and our IndieGoGo fund raising. Tell your other Geeky friends about us, post about us on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/and other social networks, and coerce that billionaire friend of yours with the golden roller coaster in his back yard that we’re totally worth getting a lifetime membership with! Seriously though, we appreciate any and all help you provide, even if it is just a mention on your personal blog or a quick tweet. And make sure to tell us if you gave us a shout out, as we’ll want to thank you personally for it.


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