Peter David is a prolific writer who has worked in television, prose, and comics. He is easily one of my favorite comic authors, currently writing the brilliant X-Factor series for Marvel, amongst countless tales for DC, IDW, and other comic companies. Peter has written for television shows like Ben 10, Young Justice, and Babylon 5. And Peter’s many novels range from comedic fantasy, like The Camelot Papers, to serious Star Trek prose like the New Frontier series he co-created. Peter has also done all ages prose, like the wonderful re-imagining of Peter Pan in Tigerheart, and video games like Spider-Man: The Edge of Time. Having started writing professionally back in 1974, Peter still writes to this day with many comics and novels coming from his mind and into reality each year.

Unfortunately, while on a family vacation to Disney World, Peter suffered a stroke. On December 30th he posted the following on his blog:

We were on vacation in Florida when I lost control of the right side of my body. I cannot see properly and I cannot move my right arm or leg. We are currently getting the extent of the damage sorted out and will report as further details become clarified.

We are still uncertain of Peter’s full medical condition, but the comic’s community has all reached out with good hopes and prayers for the author. Twitter almost seemed to explode with such sentiments on Wednesday. And since, Peter’s wife, Kathleen, has updated his blog with signs that Peter is still fighting and trying his best to recover. While apparently Peter’s right side is still rather weak, his mind is as strong as ever, with Kathleen writing “But the brain is there with all its quips and quick retorts. He has had the nurses laughing a lot”. So while we await news as to when Peter will return to his fans with more stunning words, carefully crafted and organized to astound us, we’d just like to add a little more hope and good vibes to those already out there for the author. Peter David, get well soon!