dhdynamiteYes, that might read odd, but it certainly is right. Dynamite Entertainment has made a deal with Dark Horse comics for digital publishing of Dynamite’s many titles in an electronic medium. That means Red Sonja will be next to Conan now and you can read titles like The Boys or Masks on your mobile device or computer using Dark Horse Digital. The deal comes somewhat unexpected, considering you can already find many of Dynamite’s titles digitally on the major digital comic distributor, Comixology. But as many in the industry know, Comixology takes a pretty hefty percent of sales, and it looks like this deal with Dark Horse might be financially more sound. It also rather works out consider much of the crossover comic audience both companies share. Both Dark Horse and Dynamite have a lot of adult readers who focus more on the noir genre and retro superheroes of the 1930’s+ being revived or reprinted in the modern era. So when a comic reader signs into Dark Horse digital and finds Red Sonja next to Conan or Masks next to Ghost, let alone Project Superpowers next to something like The Complete Green Llama, you can see where this fan might spend a little more money spread amongst both companies. Thirty single issues and more than twenty collections from Dynamite Entertainment are available for purchase today on Dark Horse Digital. Furthermore, New titles from Dynamite will be added weekly, with all upcoming Dynamite releases available digitally the same day as print. “We’ve been looking for ways to expand our digital presence, and this is our first step to building an even more robust library of digital comics,” said Dark Horse President Mike Richardson. Nick Barrucci, Dynamite Entertainment’s CEO and publisher, also added “We’re proud to add Dark Horse Digital to our retail partners selling our digital titles to their audience. Our wide range of titles, from Vampirella to Battlestar Galactica, Grimm, The Shadow, Red Sonja, and many of our other Dynamite titles, are a perfect fit for the large audience who purchase Dark Horse titles. We’re thrilled to work with Mike and his team at Dark Horse Digital on this new endeavor and excited about new opportunities to come”. But this surprisingly news isn’t all the news coming from Dark Horse Digital this week.

Dark Horse Digital turns 2 this coming weekend, and to celebrate their second anniversary not only have they signed the aforementioned deal with Dynamite Entertainment, but they have two rather awesome promotions going on. First off, as a sign of appreciation for its loyal digital subscribers, and likely having seen Marvels popular 700 #1’s promotion at Comixology, Dark Horse Digital is giving away fifty free first issues from many of its best-selling series! But just like the Marvel promotion, this is a limited time offer and will only be available for the next 2-days, and it’s already started! (the promotion ends Friday, April 26th, at 9AM PST).

DHdigital 2nd Ann

Furthermore, starting Friday morning and running throughout the weekend, Dark Horse Digital is also offering 10% off all bundles in the web store. And confirmed newsletter subscribers will receive an additional coupon allowing you to add to the savings. The newsletter coupon does in fact stack with the bundle discount. The sale starts this Friday, April 26th, and ends Sunday, April 28th, at midnight PST—so head over to Dark Horse Digital and sign up for the Digital Newsletter to maximize you savings!

Dark Horse comics launched its standalone comic-reader app and digital store back on April 27th, 2011.  You can’t find their digital comics on other digital comic distribution sites and apps, only at Dark Horse Digital. But there you can even redeem free digital copies of comics like Brian Wood and Carlos D’anda’s Star Wars. Now with Dynamite adding to the mix on the digital distributor’s second anniversary, things are certainly looking good for Dark Horse Digital.