Game: Fluxx: The Board GameFluxxTBG-box2

Price: $30

Players: 2-4

Time: 15-30

Age: 8+

Looney Labs, the creators of various versions of Fluxx: The Card Game and a handful of other simple games dealing with little pyramid pieces, dragons, or time travelers, is releasing a new version of Fluxx. Fluxx: The Board Game is bringing to the table a game with the same feel of the ever changing rules that the card game has, but with a few other variables you now have to worry about.

Fluxx: The Card Game is played with a deck made up of four different types of cards: Keepers, Actions, Goals, and Rules. The game starts out simple with the rules being to draw one card and play one card with no goal for winning. As the game plays out, the new goals and rules can be played to effect how many cards you draw or play, how big your hand can be, and where you are allowed to draw a card from, along with many other rules depending on the variation of Fluxx you are playing. Action cards simply tell you what to do if you decide to play them. Keepers are the cards you collect to achieve a goal.

Game Board

imagejpeg_0Fluxx: The Board Game also has a deck of cards to control how the game works and the randomness that is guaranteed to happen, but also adds 9 tiles that will make up the board for the game along with game pieces to be used on the tiles. The goal cards in this game work similarly to the traditional card game, but now, instead of collecting keeper cards like you do in the card game, you must move your game pieces around the tiles and have both spaces occupied by your color to claim the goal. Most of the spaces on the board are used to claim goals, but there are a couple of special spaces also. There are blank octagon spaces that, unlike the item spaces which can only hold one piece, are able to have any number of game pieces sitting on them. There are also two portal spaces that allow you to travel around the board faster or bump other players away from the goal.

Action Cards

The card times for this game are similar to the card game’s, with a few exceptions. There again are action cards. Some of these will be familiar if you have played the card game, but more have been added to effect the tiles and game pieces also included in this expansive variation. You are able to draw extra cards, replay cards from the discard pile, shuffle everyone’s hand together, or even trade colors with another player. The game tiles can also be rotated and moved with the use of action cards. Almost nothing except for the goals you have claimed are safe from other players. As the title suggest, this game is constantly kept in flux by its very rules.

Rule Cards

The rule cards for the board game work differently from the card game. In the card game you end up with a pile of rule cards that show what the current active rules are and, when the same rule with a different value is played, you discard the old rule. In the board game, there is a handy pegboard that keeps track of the number of plays, draws, moves, hand limit, and the goals needed to win. The pegboard starts with draw 1, play 1, move 2 ,and 3 goals to win the game. Each player gets to change any one rule, including the special rules for tiles, before the game begins. The rules on the board are draw 1 to 4, play 1 to 4, move 2 to 5, hand limits ranging from no limit or 1 to 3 cards, and wins ranging from 3 to 6. To make the game feel more like Fluxx though, there are also rules to change the times and how you can move. Rules like Rotate will allow you to spend 1 move to rotate the board as far as you want, either 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Uproot allows you to pick up any board tile for 1 move and place it next to any other board tile on the table. Wrap lets you either jump over a gap in the board if a tile has been removed or move off one side of the board and continue on the opposite side. I think they have really come up with more than enough rules and actions to make anyone who has played the card game feel at home.

Goal Cards

imagejpeg_3The only real variation on the goal cards from the card game is that you start the game with a stack of five goals. If you get your pieces to occupy the two spaces on the tiles, you collect the goal card and the one under it is revealed. You also have the option to play a new goal card on top of the stack to allow yourself time to try to achieve a goal before anyone else knows about it. If the first 5 goal cards are taken, the pile remains empty until a new one is played. There are a few rule cards that will change the number of goals you need to collect and the first person to have the number of goals wins the game.

Leaper Cards

The one card type that is not from the card game is a Leaper. These cards are in the game to help players move around the board faster. When you play a leaper it will match one of the spaces on the tiles. You then get to move one of your game pieces directly to that space for free. If another player is on that space, instead of bumping them to a bordering space, you get to knock them all the way back to the Start Tile.

imagejpeg_4If you are a fan of Fluxx: The Card Game, then the board game will go well with your collection of games. But even if you have never played the card game, this game is simple to start playing and becomes more strategic the more times you and your friends play it. The minimum age on the box is 8, so this will work well with family and friends alike. This game will hit stores and the internet July 26, 2013, so make sure you pick up your copy later this week.