The Importance of Proper Heating and Cooling

This article is about heating and cooling. It explains the role it plays for the general health and well being of the people. Heating and cooling plays a big role in the general well being and health of a person. While the environment, weather, and climate of each region on Earth is dictated by its location, there are times when extraordinary weather conditions occur.

In the case of buildings that house offices and workers, the people who maintain and run these need to keep a comfortable temperature in order to cater to the workers in them. Artificial means to cool or warm the entire building are employed in the form of HVAC units. These units provide a constant stream of cool or warm air that is deemed suitable for the comfort of the people inside the structure. In some structures, there are sensitive materials or equipment that need colder or hotter air than what is normally provided to the entire facility.

Health and Wellbeing

The health of a person is given especially when this individual is young and not prone to illnesses and diseases. The right diet and care for the body is something that most individuals do. During work or in their homes, people are exposed to environmental factors that can affect their health and well being. Heating and cooling temperatures are determined by what is comfortable for the individuals occupying the buildings. The actual temperature outside affects the temperature indoors. Many people get sick when exposed to air that may be too cold or too warm. Some individuals who are prone to a cold may get this easily when exposed to cold air, which is above what is comfortable. Some people also cannot concentrate too much with either too much heat or too much cold. It affects the efficiency of each person at work. Switching from warm to cool can also affect a person’s health and well being in the sense that the body takes some time to acclimate to the surrounding temperature. If the individual comes from a chilly office and goes out to the balmy air outside, then the body may feel lethargic or sickly for an hour or so. The reverse also applies. 

Some individuals feel lethargic when exposed to a chilly atmosphere with the help of artificial coolers such as air conditioners and fans. Heating and cooling can have small but undesirable effects on the human body if these are taken to extreme temperatures. It is important that the HVAC units of buildings be kept in good condition to maintain their function.

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