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For any and all questions or comments related to the site, feel free to email or For specified inquiries, please read below.



Are you a sexy geek who is interested in modeling for us? If so, please use the model application at the bottom of the page. If you need to contact our head of the modeling a photography department, please contact Michael.



Hey talented creators and artists, want us to speak geeky about your new project, event, or product? We’d gladly review or shout about it from the top of the highest mountain, but that often requires us first hearing about it. If you’d like us to review, interview, or talk about whatever it is you’re selling or promoting, please contact Mathias.


Interested in contracting SG2M or some of its staff?


Geek Cultural Advisers

Do you or your company require the deep insight of a professional Geek for one reason or another? Perhaps a production you’re putting together needs the mind of someone who is incredibly knowledgeable in a specific Geek sub-culture or you’re trying to best target a Geek audience. In any scenario where you need the mind of a professional Geek, who can be both socially cordial and corporate friendly, SG2M has you covered. We have a staff of exceptional problem solvers with great communication skills and a strong knowledge in Geek culture. If you’d like to hire one of them, contact Mathias Lewis.


Event Hosting

We at SG2M know how to throw a party for Geeks. Whether it is a full on celebration you’re looking for or something more low key or professional, we can help put together the most entertaining and Geeky event you’ve ever attended. We have experience hosting everything from corporate gatherings to convention after parties, and can provide beautiful models, skilled photographers, and talented bar tenders. If your event has alcohol, we can even make a unique, Geek-themed bar menu for you. For any and all inquiries, contact Mathias Lewis.



Like the look of our many event or model photos spread throughout the website’s various articles or galleries? Almost all of our site’s photography is done by SG2M’s very talented staff photographers. If you would like to hire one of our photographers for a photoshoot or event, or use one of our preexisting photos, please contact Michael Rodriguez.



Does an event or convention you are organizing require a sexy model or booth babe with an actual knowledge in Geek culture? Sure, there are many modeling agencies out there filled with beautiful girls, but how many of them can truly tell you about the Tribbles in episode s2.15 of Star Trek or explain how a Black Lotus works in Magic: The Gathering? Our models don’t have to fake interest or knowledge in Geeky culture, because–not only are they beautiful–they’re real Geeks! If you’d like to hire one or more of our models for an event or convention, please contact Mathias Lewis and we’ll do our best to make sure your booth gets attention, your event is memorable, or your photoshoot looks stunning!