There have been Geeks since time immemorial (some Neanderthal, fascinated by things that could roll, invented the wheel, you know!). Whether you’re looking at ancient philosophers, who observed and theorized, or collectors that heavily documented all they could obtain for whatever they obsessed over, many a classic figure truly was a geek. Whether you’re talking about Socrates or Plato, Galileo or Da Vinci, Darwin or Einstein, these men who expanded our understanding of the world started out as geek, obsessing over something they would one day shape and/or define. The modern legends in Geekdom are a bit more straight forward in how we can relate to them. In the mid-1900s Stan Lee came along and made the geek super, adding ‘spidey-sense’ and gamma-radiation to Geek terminology. Now-a-days we have Bill Gates, Shigeru Miyamoto, Joss Whedon, and Alan Moore, among others, constantly showing us what Geeks can do and giving us new things to geek out over.


Being a Geek is a great thing, as many of those legendary figures show. But in this day and age, we all need a place where we can truly be a Geek. A place where you can find new Geeky news, entertainment, information 24/7 and at the touch of your finger tips. A place where a Geek can not only be at home, but a place that was designed for Geeks, by Geeks!


Speak Geeky To Me is part of that conclusion. We are building the premiere community around what it is to be a geek. Everything across the geek spectrum – daily news and the latest press release, articles, interviews with geek-lebrities, and sexy geeks posing for your viewing pleasure can all be found here. SG2M, as we are also called, can also provide geek-themed cultural advising and event hosting. If you’re interested in using one of our many geeky models or talented photographers, you can contact us for more details via the contact page. Yes, we can have it all! Join the community! Be proud! Be vocal! Speak geeky to us!


Mathias Lewis – President; Senior Staff WriterHe could be described as an alcoholic, comic geek and brawler. Mathias is SG2M’s President and Senior Staff Writer, with years of background in Geek related writing and journalism.
“BlankLogo Mike” Rodriguez – CEO; Lead PhotographerMichael quite honestly decided to become a photographer for the beautiful, naked babes and was severely disappointed to learn there was more to it than T&A. After struggling through a short depressive period, he picked up his camera, aimed it at something beautiful (and clothed) and soldiered on. Eight years and thousands of photos later someone said nude girls and he signed on to the idea to create SG2M. Just another fine mess he’s gotten himself into!


Megan H. – Staff Writer and Marketing

Louis Ly – Event Photographer

Marcus Rush – Staff Writer (Gaming)

Nicolas Frickleton – Staff Writer (Video Games)

Darren Schram – Staff Writer (Comics)

Rebecca Schnell – Staff Writer (Media)

Adelaide Quagmire – Staff Writer (Reviews)