DC Movie Poster Themed Variants For March

DC Comics came up with a rather ingenious ideas back in June of this year, when select DC comics got fully orderable and themed variant covers. The June selection all themed with Bombshell variant covers featuring select DC females in 40’s style bombshell/pin-up artwork. Unquestionably this helped a number of DC comics sell twice as many issues, with fans wanting both covers or complete Bombshell sets, even if they didn’t normally buy the comic one of those covers came on. It was great for retailers and the publisher alike, as fans pick up series they might not normally (sometimes even More >

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Following the events of this summers successful 5-issue weekly event, Fathom: The Elite Saga, click here a new era in the Fathom Universe has begun! With July’s All New Fathom #1 (please click link for our review) setting the tone for this new volume of the late Micheal Turner’s now 15 year old oceanic universe.

Aspen Matthews is no stranger to bitter reunions, but this one could very well be her last! With the ice soldiers threatening to wipe out everything in their path, including Aspen, she must work to uncover the mystery of their true intentions, and put a stop to them before all of More >

Walking Dead s4

click here After the dramatic events of The Walking Dead season 3 which officially draws the show into new territory, no longer truly following the comics, I’m sure many of you are dying for season 4 to start up. This year’s San Diego Comic Con panel certainly drew a large and excited audience, cheering at the sight of the fourth season trailer. In fact, every new image, scene, and statement about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead seems to excite fans. Therefore, when a preview of the next season played during yesterday night’s episode of AMC’s Low Winter Sun, fans More >

Secret 3

Let’s make sure it is no secret that Jonathan Hickman’s very interesting comic series, Secret, is finally returning from its hiatus and hitting comic book stores this Wednesday. It has been almost a year and a half since Secret #1 debuted from Image comics, with the second and last issue having been released in spring of 2012. Many presumed the book might have been canceled or simply given up on. But Hickman continued to tell us we could expect issue #3 in the near future, with several promised and missed release dates. But for fans of Hickman and Secret, good More >