With so many amazing creators, projects, artists, and comics filling up the artists alley at each convention, it is easy to get lost and miss out on some of the real gems at each show. To make this a bit easier on fans and to spotlight some very awesome and special creators and creations we have Artist Alley Finds. Artist Alley Finds shares with you all some of the greatest highlights of each convention’s Artist Alley while linking you to the creators and their works so you might discover and enjoy them as much as we have.


WonderCon 2012 had a pretty large and awesome artist alley, packed with talent and projects just waiting for the attention of fans and publishers alike. Check out the creators and comic below that you might have missed at the convention, give their books a read, their art a view, and generally enjoy the amazing skills and creativity these men and women have brought forth to share with us.



Planes of Eldlor is a great little webcomic that has been running for a few years now. Its creators, Sarrah and Rob Wilkinson were at WonderCon to introduce new readers to their comic, sell some awesome artwork, and talk with fans. They are both amazingly sweet people, who are quite modest and funny to chat with. Their comic is just as spectacular as they are though, with lovely and imaginative full color art that is filled with dragons. A high fantasy web comic that updates every Monday, Planes of Eldlor is well worth checking out!


Fox Sister is a lovely and beautifully stylized supernatural horror webcomic done by Christina Strain, one of comic’s top colorists, and Jayd Ait-Kaci. Christina had a booth at WonderCon where you could pick up the series brand new hardcover collection, as well as some of the highest quality promotional cards I’ve ever seen given out for anything. Christina was not holding back when it came to promoting this comic, and it is understandable why: the series is absolutely beautiful! From the art to the story, every bit of this comic deserves your time and attention, if not your money. Check out the Fox Sister by clicking here.


When you think of the most epic rivalry the world has ever known you might think of a number of things. Some would go Pirates vs Ninjas, others could say Jews vs Nazis, 80’s lovers would say Video vs Radio, and I’ve always looked to Marvel vs DC comics. Yet accord to Sebastian Kadlecik and John Bring, who were both present at WonderCon’s artist alley, the true struggle is between Penguins and Possums. Yes, these two men have written, illustrated, and published a beautiful and hilarious little indie comic titled Penguins VS. Possums. For just $3 you can pick up 32 pages of Black and White hilarity by clicking here.



Artist Dan Mendoza was on hand with his always sexy undead Zombie Tramp and other art. If you like horror, comedy, or naked girls then you’ll likely love Dan’s art. You can check out his work and buy his comics by clicking here.

God Killer was the motion comic before motion comics were cool, with an all star cast of voice actors and some rather stunning artwork. The series has DVDs, clothing, and, of course, an awesome graphic novel. Watch the trailer below and check out the rather interesting series by Matt Pizzolo, Anna Muckcracker, & Brian Giberson that was shown off at this years WonderCon. Click here to learn more.


Godkiller [complete film trailer] from Halo-8 Entertainment on Vimeo.


One of the more stand out pieces of art at WonderCon this year was the cover to The Meek #1, which featured a very cute and very naked young green haired girl sitting atop a tree limb in the jungle. The Meek is a comic series, which you can read online or find in print from 4th Dimension Entertainment (the same people who publish Lackadaisy), the follows the adventures of a young girl named Angora. It is written, drawn, and colored by Der-shing Helmer, otherwise known as Alexds1 on Deviant Art.


Nathan Seal, who could easily be the next J. Scott Campbell, was an extremely talented artist showing off his work at WonderCon. His absolutely magnificent artwork, with sublime coloring, stood out like Marilyn Monroe in a room full of chimpanzees. A few of you might already be familiar with Seal’s artwork, as it has graced the covers and interiors of comics from Arcana, Glass House Graphics, and Zenescope Entertainment. If you’re not familiar with Nathan’s alluring art work, do yourself a favor and click here. Nathan is currently working on a rather amazing convention sketchbook entitled Monsters, Maidens, & Mayhem, but has plans for many other projects coming soon.

Forgettably Famous is a fairly new web comic by creators Anae Crockett and Kat Zuniga, who are both truly sweet people that hope you’ll enjoy their new series. The comic tells the tale of 5 healthy people in a future where a deadly epidemic makes such a thing quite rare. Even better is that these 5 people have been brought together to make a band on a new reality TV series. It is certainly an original concept for a comic series, with great artwork and awesome character designs. The web comic itself updates a little irregularly, but their facebook page gets new sketches and photos regularly, while giving fans a chance to interact with the creators.


Perhaps the most amazing comic being promoted in the artist alley of WonderCon this year was Yi Soon Shin: Warrior and Defender. This beautiful comic by Onrie Kompan, who was hand selling the comic himself at his booth, tells the epic tale of a Korean naval commander from the 16th century and his battle against the Japanese. This 4-issue mini-series is both lovely and educational, with a captivating story. You can find out more about the series on Onrie’s website as well as purchase his comic series there. The collected Trade Paper Back for the series will be out later this year.

Another great comic being sold and exhibited at WonderCon was the ever so interesting Pink Power from HCMP (High Concept Media Properties). Zen, a rather friendly and kind creator of this interesting series was on hand to talk about his crazy, yet cute, new comic series. Pink Power is the story of a young girl who gains super powers from a pair of pink panties and must fight off sexy skateboarding ninja chicks…yea, figured that would catch your attention, as it caught ours. There are currently 2 awesome issues available at HCMP’s website, where you can view the comic for free. You can also help be a part of creating Pink Power’s third issue by donating to their kickstarter campaign here.

Finally, a personal favorite from this year’s WonderCon artist alley was Sarah Barrie Fenton, who was selling her new original comic series, A Fairy Tale. This cute comic is filled with adorable art that has simply amazing facial expressions and personality to it. I won’t say too much on this comic, as an Indie Review on the title is impending (check back later this week).  But if you like cute and astonishing artwork, check out Sarah’s blog or deviant art for some pieces that will have you going “awwww!”