DEDAPOOL-BOOSTERBRICK “Who else but Deadpool?!?”

That is the answer to the question of the next set of Heroclix from our masters…er, friends, loving friends at Wizkids! Hitting store shelves in less than a week, Deadpool is an 80+ figure set, and it has a crapton if people (myself included) very excited.

“This besmirchment shall not stand!”

In addition to the normal distribution of lil plastic gold found in each Heroclix release, there are some new and awesome elements as well, specifically WORD BALLOONS! Attachable to Deadpool and his merry Deadpool corp. members, which, I assure you, are all accounted for, these word balloons add even more fun shenanigans.

“Single file. It’s polka time!”

Deadpool has long been a fan favorite since his introduction into the Marvel universe via The New Mutants, and he’s had a good showing in Heroclix thus far. Creators are taking this opportunity to push mightily against the boundaries of good taste (I approve) to bring as much of Deadpool’s craziness into the game. Check out some of Deadpool’s powers below.


As stated before, the set will include 80+ figures in standard 10ct booster form, featuring tons if Deadpool’s friends, foes (well, mostly foes), and absolutely Deadpool himself. There are some duo figs, 4 prime variants, atleast 3 figs compatible with the recent AvX team bases, spider-bot 3d tokens similar to toyman’s toys from SLOSH. Within the set, we will also be seeing the most recent incarnation of the Thunderbolts, led by good ol’ Red Hulk. What’s more, there is a 10 figure gravity feed, a fast forces pack, and a darn cool looking OP kit, with 4 LE figures and 3 objects. I know, there’s a LOT to this set, and I’m not done yet.

Deadpool Clix

“4th wall? What 4th wall?

This just in, thanks to our friends on der interwebs, the chases, 8 of them, have been revealed! It was said, months ago, that these figs would be “AWESOME”,  and that’s no lie. Villain. Zombies. VILLAIN ZOMBIES! Thus far, Venom, Doc Ock, and Juggernaut have been confirmed, with rumors of Sabretooth and Electro as well. They are also switch-clix, theoretically compatible with a team base of some kind. Ermahgerds!

“I never miss with my SHEEP GUN!”

So, this is going to be a HUGE set. Word balloons, bystander figs, 3 different sources for figures, 8 chases and 4 prime figures, and 80 or more figs. It’s going to be hard to get everything, but with how downright FUN this set will be, I think it will be worth the effort. I don’t think any set to date has looked so wacky and fun. So get out there, and get yours!