Avengers2trailer3Today the third, and newest Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer has been released. It looks amazing! Not only does this trailer clock in at just over 2 minutes, it gives us some non-stop action in true comic form. From the Avengers diving together as if forming a live action version of a double page splash from the comics all the way to the knock in the face Captain America takes from Quicksilver, this trailer has everyone beyond excited for the second Avengers film. This looks to be comic movies done right for every fan of film, comics, and superheroes. Whedon keeps it packed with comedy as well as drama and action, but the big surprise in the trailer comes after the title with our first proper glimpse at Vision! Take a look below:


 Avengers: Age of Ultron wraps up the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on May 1st in a way that can only leave us all super excited for phase 3, coming later this year!