Hellboy countdownWhile Comixology has quickly grown to be the top digital comic service online or in app form, hosting both Marvel and DC’s massive catalog amongst thousands of indie comics, they do lack a few titles. Publishers like Dynamite and Dark Horse have went their own route, with Dark Horse holding their own digital comic service and app to keep things away from Comixology. But that could all change very soon. A few short hours ago Comixology tweeted an ominous post that simply said “Coming Soon.” and featured a video of Mike Mignola’s Hellboy looking down at a ticking wrist watch with the date 6-22. This likely means Hellboy will be finding its way to Comixology soon, but could it be even larger than that? While Mignola owns the rights to Hellboy and could likely take his book to Comixology on his own, this could be a sign that Comixology has finally cracked Dark Horse and will soon gain the digital rights to the publishers extensive comic library. If so this could be huge for getting Dark Horse titles into many new readers all around the world. But that same statement might just be limited to Hellboy. We’ll find out soon, but until then check out the video and keep checking back for more news likely to come on June 22nd.