san_diego_comic_conSan Diego’s Comic Con International is a world renowned event that draws roughly a quarter of a million people out to San Diego annually for a 5 day long festival of comics and pop cultures. Big Hollywood studios and comic publishers sit alongside video game companies and all sorts of manufacturers looking to advertise to a geek crowd that far exceeds the measly 130,000 official attendees of the event. Culturally speaking you could say San Diego Comic Con is the largest event of its kind, even more so than the significantly higher attended Angoulême, Lucca Comics & Games, or Comiket which boast over a million annual attendees all together. But at just a fraction of the officially allowed attendance, San Diego Comic Con feels near impossible to attend. I’ve spoken with several iconic attendees of San Diego Comic Con in the past week, both of which have been attending for nearly 30 years plus, and they’re fearful each year they wont get their tickets. Why is this? Because with more people hearing about it and wanting to go each year, but the tickets numbers locking down tightly, it is only getting harder to buy a ticket to Comic Con. But there is always hope, as the open to all online registration starts this Saturday, February 21st!

Comic Con’s open online registration is a chance for potentials attendees of all kind to buy one of the coveted tickets to San Diego Comic Con online. You don’t have to have attended before, as with the returning attendees registration, or have any special qualifications. All you need is an official Member ID for SDCC, which you can obtain here for future attempts. Sadly, they closed Member ID registration last week, on February 13th. I imagine most of you already are aware of that and are sitting on an ID in preparation. So assuming that is the case, what do you next? Well, you’re going to want to get ready to devote an hour plus in front of a computer and cross your fingers for luck! You and thousands of others will want to go to ____ and prepare to join the EPIC Registration landing page, which will open at 8AM Pacific Time. You can find your registration code by logging in to your Member ID account and selecting the “Registration Info” tab. The link to the EPIC registration landing page will be sent to you via email at least 24 hours prior to the start of the sale. We suggest you add and as an approved/authorized sender to your email account. There you will be able to enter your personal registration code and authorize your device to enter the waiting room. You must authorize your registration code prior to 9AM PST on February 21st. The waiting room will close to new entrants at 9AM PST sharp. That’ll be the easy part. From there the luck game comes in.

9AM is when registration begins. So tie yourself down to your chair and wait for the countdown. Select people who did all that is listed above will have the chance to buy themselves and a few others tickets. Not all tickets may be available by the time you’re selected. But any tickets, and I mean ANY tickets are better than none. So get yourselves ready, have the coffee warm and at your side next to your most stable computer, and may the odds be absolutely in your favor. Hopefully we’ll see you in San Diego this July!
Keep in mind this is for general attendance badges. It does not relate to professional, press, exhibitor, or program participant registration. Registration for these groups will happen at a later date. But if you’re not one of the listed or are unsure on your status, good luck to you on Saturday!