ATrainCalledLove-0When comic fans hear the name Garth Ennis the first thing they think of is probably extreme violence, derogatory language, nudity, or generally just Preacher, his popular Vertigo comic series. With titles like The Boys, The Pro, The Authority, Crossed, and Punisher Max under his belt there is certainly a theme to his writing style. So when it was announced at San Diego Comic Con this year that Garth Ennis’ new comic series would be a romance title released through Dynamite Entertainment, people were understandably taken a back. Ennis has done some interesting war and espionage titles through Dynamite, but even Dynamite is rather new to the romantic comic genre. Thankfully though, it looks like Garth’s romance title, A Train Called Love, will still hold a bit of his normal tropes.
“A Train Called Love is a story I’ve been wanting to tell for some time”, says Garth. “Largely because people keep asking me about doing a romance comic and the idea just wouldn’t go away. This is what I came up with: guns, gangsters, mayhem, big white hoods, dubious films with horses, mad Germans, obscene phone calls, crazy ladies, total losers, hot chicks, dishy guys, movie stars, lots of narcotics, terrible bands from Williamsburg, taxidermy, incontinence, unrequited crushes, a big fluffy white rabbit and a rather unpleasant scene involving an escalator. Thus shall I explore the highs and lows of love.”

Without question, A Train Called Love certainly sounds like a Garth Ennis book. But how will it look? Many of us have now seen the amusing cover by Russ Braun, shown above, giving us that 1980’s comedy film poster feel, but that’s hardly what we can expect the talented Mark Dos Santos, who most recently has done the artwork for Imperial and Red City, to provide internally. Thankfully Dynamite has given us a small sample of the interior artwork for A Train Called Love, which you can see below just after the solicit for the series:

Valerie’s getting dirty phone calls, but when she goes to take revenge she meets Myles, the man of her dreams. But Myles is up against Emil and Gustav, mentally unstable guns for hire. And Valerie’s sister Penny’s friend Marcy just wants to play her own songs, but no one in the bar tonight cares- least of all Penny’s loser boyfriend Marv and his buddies Chip and Jev, who want their homeboy Mike to play the race card in a dubious scheme to get rich. But Mike has just fallen foul of a certain organization with a lot of Ks in its name. And then there’s Mister Fluffy.


A Train Called Love is on Diamond initial order for today if you’re a comic retailer, and if you’re not that means now is a time to tell your retailer you want this book! It hit stores on October 7th, with that wonderful colored cover by Braun and a 1:10 variant black and white version of the Braun cover if your store gets them in. Make sure to give this title a read, as it will likely be the next The Pro!