deadpool movieDeadpool has long been a comic character that has no problem breaking the fourth wall, talking to his audience, poking fun at himself, and mocking his own creators, publishers, and now film distributors. That’s right, Deadpool movie news is starting up again post-San Diego’s epic Comic Con trailer release. Today Deadpool breaks the fourth wall to share with us all a new teaser for his upcoming trailer, hitting the internet tomorrow! Will this trailer be the trailer everyone saw at Comic Con International then saw leaked across the internet? Or will this be something new? All we know is that the Deadpool movie is certainly looking great.



Today’s teaser takes a slightly Masterpiece Theater style with Deadpool mocking Fox and their choice to sew the character’s mouth shut in Wolverine Origins. It’s a somewhat surprising move from Fox, that seemed so up and arms about the trailer leaking online post-Comic Con, but yet highly amusing that they would tease a trailer release only 1-day away with new footage and self-deprecating humor. But the humor doesn’t stay only in the teaser, with even the youtube description having a bit of fun, stating:

When you’re stuck in a day
that’s gray,
and lonely…
Just stick out your chin,
and grin,
and say…
everything looks sexier in red.

The teaser trailer is even referred to as the Trailer Trailer by Fox, showing that perhaps Fox finally figured out just who Deadpool is and how to properly present him on the big screen to a comic loving audience. We’ll find out more in the trailer tomorrow though.