Assassin's_Creed_The_MovieNext week 20th Century Fox will begin filming their upcoming Assassin’s Creed live action movie, based on the incredible video game series by Ubisoft. The process of getting this film going has taken years, with Ubisoft standing hard at the helm and going through several film distributors before landing on 20th Century Fox. But with the aid of Michael Fassbender coming on as the lead actor and producer in the film over 2 years ago, things have started finally coming together. On Monday, August 31st, the Assassin’s Creed movie will begin filming in locations such as Malta, London, and Spain, with Fassbender using high action parkour in multiple visually stunning locations. But that is not the big news for today. Today, 20th Century Fox released the first images of Michael Fassbender in his full Assassin’s Creed gear, that fans of the video games will instantly recognize in it’s iconic usage of hood and hidden blade. Check it out below.

Assassins Creed FassbenderNow some of your might be curious which Assassin Michael Fassbender’s character portrays. Fassbender will not actually be playing any of the Assassin’s from the video game, but rather a new Assassin created for the film. Fassbender’s character will be Callum Lynch in the present day, but like many of the video games he will find himself placed in The Animus to have memories drawn out of him about an ancestor who was an Assassin in 15th century Spain. This ancestor, known as Aguilar, will unlock all of the knowledge of being a highly trained Assassin in Callum, leading to some intense action throughout the film as both Lynch and Aguilar take on the Knights Templar in both 15th century Spain and the modern day.

With filming beginning next week we are a ways out from getting more details or a trailer. However, as Assassin’s Creed the movie is set for release on December 21st of 2016, we should have a lot of great details and media coming our way throughout next year. Check back regularly for more!