Deadpool-Ryan-ReynoldsIt may not be everything you saw in the leaked San Diego Comic Con trailer, but it’s certainly more with a surprising addition of what appears to be story. This Deadpool movie might not be all just blood and jokes like many of us happily thought, but it still looks brilliant! Released through TBS’ Conan talk show, which had to go TV-MA for this trailer, you can now see the full official trailer down below. No shot from the hip mobile footage like last month, this is the real deal and it’s full of action and humour.




Deadpool hits theaters in North America on February 12th of 2016, meaning we’ll likely see a fair amount more of Ryan Reynold’s Merc with a Mouth over the following months. But until then, take a bit of humor in what one fan put together based on tonight’s trailer with a few Heroclix showing off the films pre-existing Marvel and Deadpool characters:

Deadpool Trailer Kory

Credit to Kory Childress for that wonderful bit.